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Why did God give us(humans) such burning sexual lust?
Particularly me...everyday it's plaguing me. I have such an irrepressible sexual urge and it is causing daunting problems; indulging in wanking and watching internet porn ,acting out with girls, promiscuous, sleazy behavior, loss of focus and concentration toward my goals and school, leading a double life -I go to church and act like everythings dandy when Im raging with lust and having reocurring sexual fantasies- utter loss of self esteem and confidence. Porn is a drug. It started with just half naked pics, then fully nude pics, softcore porn then hardcore, all sorts of fetishes and its just a downward spiral. I clearly need help. I dont want to become the sexual pervert who has sex with animals or God forbid a sex offender. Im not an evil person trust me, im a nice 19 year old guy who loves playing instruments and sports, I love chattering with people and family I also love knowledge and adventure , but I'm enslaved by sexual desires. I've joked about all the guys who appear on dateline to catch a predator, people who commit public newdness and porn addicts before, but sadly im going down that very path. Please bestow some advice or knowledge on my dire soul, I haven't told anyone about my plight , because,frankly , I'm embarrassed and ashamed of myself .Ive been in this degenerate condition for 7 years and sometimes I feel like taking my own life but Im to chicken to do it. Does anyone have similar experiences?
Gee, what was the spam link to this one? TMR Zoo huge grin
alverson Wrote:Does anyone have similar experiences?

Yeah, it's called puberty. You're going to start developing hair in your "special" place, don't be alarmed, it's normal.
I found this search string in the logs (I'm not kidding) could be the same guy.

"images you should not mastrubate too"


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