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Cut the Cord
Speng Wrote:I'm always afraid I'll pick up some malware or a virus on sites like that.

There are a couple of nasty pop ups but if you are savvy they are easy enough to navigate around. I also add all bad URLs to my blocked list on my router.
My son told me how he is watching the Patriots games out in Cali. Of course he waits until the season is over. He got the NFL app on his Verizon Droid. He connects the HDMI out on the phone to the TV and gets a HiDef picture. He is only paying 5 bucks a month for the app. $20 for the whole season is a lot cheaper than getting Direct TV and then paying them $150 for NFL Season Ticket.
Cool site TV episodes pop up within hours of broadcast including HBO, Showtime. The site seems pretty clean also

I would suggest using an ad blocker extension on your browser to get the best performance.

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