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It's Friday!
I hope she has a current tetanus vaccination, that dude's knob is probably rusty.
Fuck this week. Seriously.

Let's see if Hooch ends the week by grinding Friday out or ends up on the news amidst fire and explosions.
Sounds like you go home "sick" and pick up some beer on the way.
Speng Wrote:Sounds like you go home "sick" and pick up some beer on the way.

and then blow shit up on the way home from there
I am launching the second wave of attacks this weekend in Operation (re)Occupy ManRoom. Last week the initial wave was highly successful with at least 50% of the kids' toys and overflow house shit being trashed or donated.

At the end of wave 2 I will probably be single and living alone.
Yeah, its Friday again!

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 7 (UPI) -- Parents are demanding the firings of three Canadian school teachers who knew two students were eating moose droppings on a Manitoba field trip.

On a May 26 outing in Grand Marais, 50 miles northeast of Winnipeg, the principal of Walter Whyte School, two teachers and three parent volunteers took a group of eighth grade students on a two-day canoe trip.

Two students later told their parents one of the male adult chaperones offered them moose droppings, telling them they were chocolate-covered almonds, the Winnipeg Free Press reported.

One 13-year-old boy ate one and then rushed to a river to rinse his mouth, while the second, a girl with braces, threw up, the report said.
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