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Personal Earthquake Damage Photos
Post yours here!

Here's mine...

[Image: Earthquake.jpg]
I hope your insurance covers that kind of damage.
From a "friend" who lives there:
[Image: jMySO.jpg]
Did you feel it at all?

I was just watching the news, they are interviewing people who claim they felt the earthquake here....I'm betting it was just a large truck driving by or a low flying plane. Give me a freaking break, some people will say anything to get on the news.
I felt it in Boston. The higher up in a building you were the more pronounced the tremors were. My losses were minimal.

[Image: spill.jpeg]
Speng Wrote:Did you feel it at all?

I didn't feel a thing. I was in a basement doing a building survey with 2 other guys and all we heard was what sounded like bad plumbing shaking when someone upstairs turned the water on. Then a woman from the floor above came down and asked what the hell we did to shake the building.

Apparently my office shook pretty good... sucks I wasn't there. Missed it entirely. F'n earthquakes, nothing changes.
I felt it in Philly. My bldg swayed pretty good.

The guy in the cubicle across from me thought I was screwing around with his chair (yeah, like that's something I do all the time). He turned around to tell me to knock it off when he saw I was no where near him and the file cabinets next to my desk were swaying. We were evacuated for about 15 minutes.
There's no crying in baseball
Gator Wrote:I felt it in Philly. We evacuated in our pants for about 15 minutes.

Wow sorry to hear that
[Image: 7kDXs.jpg]
Securb Wrote:Wow sorry to hear that

Yeah, that would be excessive. And one hell of a mess. It was scary, but not quite that scary.
There's no crying in baseball

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