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The Vagina Thread
i have been experiencing extremely painful sex with my boyfriend for some time now, i am not getting moist even though im very attracted to him. Recently i decided to buy intivar a vaginal rejuvenation cream on a site filled with tips and tricks for vaginal discomfort http://dry-painful-vagina... it has helped drastically with my vagina pain and sex is enjoyable again. Just wanted to share this with you boys it would make a great present for your woman !


I smell stocking stuffer!
Hooch Wrote:I smell stocking stuffer!

That's not all you smell.
Guess we know what this years Christmas bonus is going to be.
I saw my cat's vagina yesterday.
Speng Wrote:I saw my cat's vagina yesterday.

Everyone sees your cat's vagina shes a little slut
Speng Wrote:That's not all you smell.

[Image: hayden_panettiere_stinks2.gif]

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