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Get A Life: The Complete Series
This totally makes my year!,71726/

Get A Life: The Complete Series is finally coming to DVD

Shout Factory long ago established itself as the Mr. Smith Goes To Washington of DVD releasing, regularly sticking up for the lost causes of canceled cult TV shows by freeing them from studio vaults and putting them back in the hands of fans. And today we learned that it’s finally picked up one of TV’s most loveable losers: Get A Life, Fox’s short-lived Chris Elliott-starring sitcom, which will finally get a complete series release this fall, after years and years of bureaucratic red tape and hollow promises. The revelation was made by Elliott himself, who dropped the following while talking to A.V. Club contributor Will Harris for a soon-to-be-published interview—and unlike past assurances, Elliott sounds pretty confident:

“Get A Life is going to be coming out as a complete series on Shout Factory. I’m not entirely sure when—I think probably in the fall?—but, yes, it will be actually coming out…finally! At the end of April, we’re going to be doing the special features. Commentaries and that sort of stuff.”

As often lamented by fans of the surreal show—which boasted scripts from Bob Odenkirk and Charlie Kaufman, and had Elliott playing a dimwitted, insane, man-child paperboy who traveled through time, cared for vomiting aliens, and, with notable frequency, died—Get A Life has only seen release in various, out-of-print “best of” collections, with attempts to get the whole series out there repeatedly stymied by “suits,” in Elliott’s words. The involvement from Shout is the best indication yet that it’s finally coming out, reinforced by the fact that Shout confirmed to us that, yes, the DVD is happening, and that an official release date is imminent. These are, indeed, the prettiest years of our lives.
I still think of the submarine episode every time I see a bathtub. I used to love this show.
Every now and then the song Chris was singing when they were stuck upside down on the roller coaster pops in my head: "Watergate was really bad, the movie Brian's Song was kind of sad, playing Pac-Man at the Mall, China under Marshal Law. Gobachev comes to town, Chris and Larry upside down. We didn't start the fire"

I'll be buying this on release day. I haven't been looking forward to a DVD release like this in a long time.

September 18, 2012

[Image: 511D3lqtToL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]
The studio has revealed the bonus material that's included on this set:

A Conversation With Executive Producer/Co-Creator David Mirkin And Writer/Producers Jace Richdale And Steve Pepoon

Paleyfest 2000! Featuring David Mirkin, Elinor Donahue, Brian Doyle-Murray, Robin Riker, Charlie Kaufman, Bob Odenkirk, Steve Pepoon And Jace Richdale

Audio Commentaries

Deleted Scenes

Alternate Audio Version Without Laugh Track On Select Episodes

And more!
My copy hasn't arrived yet...I'm irritated.
I missed out on the amazon goldbox offer yesterday. Bummer. I am a bad person for not having purchased the set yet.
Yeah, that was a Hell of a price yesterday. I was surprised to see it as a goldbox offer so soon after the release.

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