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2013 NFL Season
The messy just got messier:

Report: Coaches wanted Incognito to toughen up Martin

Quote:When Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald visited PFT Live on Tuesday and we discussed the possibility that Dolphins guard Richie Incognito’s treatment of tackle Jonathan Martin came at the behest of a coaching staff hoping to make Martin tougher, Salguero predicted that, if that ends up being the case, a lot of people will be fired.

A lot of people apparently will be fired.

According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Dolphins coaches asked Incognito “to toughen up” Martin after he missed a voluntary workout during the 2013 offseason. Kelly cites “at least two” unnamed sources.

Per the unnamed sources, Incognito may have taken his orders too far. Specifically, the sources tell Kelly that the racially-charged voice message from Incognito to Martin came after skipped two days of the team’s voluntary OTA program.

“Incognito was encouraged by his coaches to make a call that would ‘get [Martin] into the fold,’” Kelly reports.

Regardless of whether Incognito took his orders too far, those who gave the orders will be facing serious consequences, if the report is accurate. Management-level employees can’t pull the rip cord on a reputed nut job and then throw their hands in the air and say “that was an overreaction” when the local enforcer is overly zealous with his methods of enforcement.

Apart from the fact that the report suggests a violation of the rules regarding voluntary workouts, the report indicates that the coaches set in motion the events that resulted in Martin leaving the team due to ongoing harassment by Incognito. Even though Kelly’s report focuses specifically on communications occurring in the offseason, it’s quite possible that the effort to toughen up Martin was as extensive as the cinematic effort to “train” PFC William Santiago.
Hooch Wrote:Locker against the Jaguars or Ponder against Washington look like good matchups of available QBs, at least for week 10.

Thanks for the tips. I picked up Keenum for the time being but I'll probably ditch him before Sunday.

I have potential running back issues. I have four in my lineup, one is on a BYE and the other three are all hurt and their statuses are all up in the air.
Speng Wrote:I have potential running back issues. I have four in my lineup, one is on a BYE and the other three are all hurt and their statuses are all up in the air.

Thats pretty much par for the course this season. In my non-TMR league, 75% of my team in week 9 was just signed to play that week. I had less than a 20 point lead going into Monday night where my opponent had Rodgers and Nelson. I was toast if he didn't get hurt.
I posted this somewhere else but cant find it... In the past four seasons, whoever the Eagles played in their home opener went on to win the Super Bowl that year:
2009 - Saints
2010 - Packers
2011 - Giants
2012 - Ravens

Who did the Eagles play this year in their home opener? The answer is the same as to the question "what team in the AFC took two back doors into the playoffs this year?"

Place your bets on the Chargers... now.
Hooch Wrote:Place your bets on the Chargers... now.

Too bad we are not in Vegas for the Super Bowl this year.

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