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Asshole Sports Fan Thread
Since the Eagles have not won at home in over a calendar year and the percentage of opposing team fans in the stadium keeps rising exponentially each game, the Linc is officially NOT a place to be feared by players and/or fans anymore. That means Philly is officially gone from the top of the list of worst behaved fans.

This thread is for the new nominees.

Houston already has two strikes for fans showing up at Matt Schaub's house and then cheering when he was injured.

Here is one for the Jets... a little size (and sex) difference in this clip:

Girl can take a punch.
Stay classy, Boston

Hooch Wrote:Stay classy, Boston

I wouldn't call them Bostonians, those are meatheads from the suburbs and transplant college kids that act like douchebags anytime there is an event. That being said most Bruins/Red Sox fans are assholes after 3 beers.
Multiple stabbings in parking lot after Denver Broncos game

Quote:Denver police have confirmed to NFL Media at least three people were stabbed in the Sports Authority Field at Mile High parking lot after the Denver Broncos' Thursday night loss to the San Diego Chargers.

There is a possible fourth victim who could not be located, according to Denver police spokesman Sgt. Steve Warneke.

The Denver Police Department's official Twitter account provided multiple updates on the stabbing. At 9:55 p.m., DPD responded to a large fight at Lot F of Sports Authority Field, near Dick Connor and Federal Boulevard. Three male victims with stabbing wounds were located. Two are in stable condition; one is critical.

Three suspects are in custody at this time, Warneke said, and Denver police do not believe there are any suspects at large. There are a great deal of witnesses who are cooperating to provide more details.

"Detectives will be interviewing people throughout the night, trying to sort out who did what," Warneke said.

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