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2014 NFL Offseason
Court filing: Darren Sharper a suspect in seven alleged rapes

Quote:A sworn declaration from a Los Angeles detective in a legal filing in Los Angeles Superior Court Friday claims former NFL safety Darren Sharper is a suspect in seven alleged rapes from September 2013 through January 2014.

In the court filing, which was obtained and posted by the New Orleans Times-Picayune and which was cited by multiple other media outlets, detective John Machiarella alleges, via review of police reports and his own investigating, that Sharper has been accused in rapes in New Orleans, Tempe, Arizona, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. According to the filing, Machiarella also alleges that Sharper is accused of supplying a controlled substance on 11 different occasions, according to the filing, which argued Sharper’s bond should be raised to $10 million.
There goes banning the N-word in Philly...

Riley Cooper and Philadelphia Eagles Agree on 5-Year Contract

Quote:Riley Cooper came through with a breakout season for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, and he was rewarded for his efforts as the Philadelphia Eagles will reportedly sign the receiver to a five-year, $25 million deal, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter
Aaaaaaaaaand... begin!
Branden Albert not sexy but needed badly. I am watching this through my fingers with my hands over my eyes. I don't care if the Dolphins win the preseason if they can't get into the postseason.
3 of the top 4 active sack leaders are looking for jobs... Jared Allen, Julius Peppers and Damarcus Ware.
Once again the Packers won't pick up any decent free agents, it's frustrating.
Didn't see this one coming.

Eagles acquire Darren Sproles in trade with Saints

Quote:Thursday morning started with word that the Redskins were making a push to acquire running back Darren Sproles in a trade with the Saints.

Sproles has reportedly wound up in the NFC East, but he won’t be playing in Washington. Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports that the Eagles have jumped their divisional rivals and completed a trade for the veteran back. PFT has confirmed that the deal is done and Sproles is headed to the City of Brotherly Love.

Sproles’ ability as a pass catcher out of the backfield should make him a natural fit in the Philadelphia offense, especially with coach Chip Kelly’s long history of turning smaller backs into receiving weapons while he was the coach at the University of Oregon. Some of those Ducks were ill-suited to the NFL, but Sproles’ ability to impact games is well documented and his arrival adds to an already impressive array of offensive options in Philly.

For a 5th round pick apparently
(03-13-2014, 09:09 AM)Hooch Wrote: Didn't see this one coming.

Eagles acquire Darren Sproles in trade with Saints

For a 5th round pick apparently

Super Bowl!
(03-13-2014, 09:23 PM)Securb Wrote: Super Bowl!

a 31-year old part-time running back who is primarily a pass catcher isn't that sexy a move, but it will be interesting a few times a game when he lines up with Lesean McCoy in the backfield for a passing play and a linebacker will be covering at least one of them.

The better acquisition in the trade is Spoles' wife...

[Image: 14473511-large.jpg]
Didn't expect this:

Julius Peppers joins Packers; predicts 'something different'

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