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2014 NFL Offseason
The Packers have five primetime games, that's odd. Starting off the season playing the Seahawks should be interesting.
Was that laughter I heard coming out of Philly?

Quote:As soon as Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee went down in what was supposed to be a non-contact practice today, the vibes coming out of Dallas suggested that he had suffered a bad knee injury. It’s looking like a season-ending injury.

Although Lee has not yet had an MRI and the team has not announced anything official, multiple reports indicate that a torn ACL is the most likely diagnosis. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cowboys fear that Lee tore his left ACL, while John Middlekauff of 95.7 The Game separately reports that Lee will likely be out for the entire 2014 season.

Cowboys rookie offensive lineman Zack Martin blocked Lee to the ground at Organized Team Activities
All I'm hearing about the Packers is Julius Peppers, apparently he arrived to the organized team activities in freakishly great shape. I hope that freak of nature makes a difference.
Quote:Josh Freeman was released on Friday after just six weeks with the Giants, and his biggest problem in New York this offseason appears to be the same as his biggest problem in Minnesota last season: He struggles to learn the offense.

Start the tutu jokes in 3....2...1....

Quote:When it comes to preventing injuries, teams should and would consider every avenue (up to and perhaps including witch doctors).

So the Cowboys are willing to run the risk of a few snickers, installing ballet bars to help get their buys stretched out.

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