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Chick-fil-A sends dick to Canada
Well that is one way to calm down the gay community when opening up a Chick-fil-A

Quote:An American fast-food chain that came under fire for its opposition to same-sex marriage has quietly opened its first Canadian franchise in years at the Calgary airport.

Chick-fil-A started operations Tuesday at the Calgary International Airport. The company has made no publicity of the location’s opening.

“We’re a company that’s focused on serving great food and serving all our guests with honour, dignity and respect,” said Cheryl Dick, director of licensing. “What we’re focusing on, and what we’re known for, is great hospitality and incredibly great food.”

Dick has been in town for a week with a team of six from the company’s Atlanta headquarters to train 30 local staff.

“This really isn’t a formal launch for a Canadian growth plan,” says Dick. “We really wanted to give the team time to get operationally sound.”
So many things in article besides the dick thing, "local staff", "growth plan".
I thought this was the reason for Steve living up there at first.

My bad.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
The chicken or the dick?
I wonder if they realize that same sex marriage is legal here.
That was never the CEO's point. He simply stated a biblically supported personal belief. He never said that they would refuse service to anyone.

And you DO realize that the stores are franchises, don't you? I haven't looked, but there is a high probability that the franchise is owned by a local.
Because I said so. 
You know what I don't care if he refuses to serve any group. If he decides to stop selling chicken to black folk we are going to have a problem.
If I'm not mistaken, a big part of their business model is to make a profit.

So I don't think I there is a risk of that happening.
Because I said so. 
From what I understand the whole association of being anti gay was really the CEO saying his personal feelings and not any official position of the company.
But as soon as that story broke the media was flooded with reports of prejudice acts in Chik Fil A locations and then some people where flooding the social media with mass turn out of people lining up to eat at Chik Fil A in support of their anti gay stance.

To be honest, I'm in no rush to try it.
When Popeyes and Mary Browns first arrived up here, (btw why do you guys have so many fast food chains?) there was passing interest but neither chain took off like they had originally hoped.
The same will probably happen with Chik Fill A.

Though it is funny that when they open in an area that prides itself on being a Christian region they would send a woman with the last name dick.
I can just see the news story 'Their chick with a dick with fill a you up. News footage of the tar and feathering at 11'
It's a decent place for fast food. I like the spicy chicken sandwich.
Because I said so. 

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