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Dear Securb and Lreese
I spent some time going through some of the stock presets -

Note to self.... Even if using a mixer and set to dry kill, set the mix at 100% and use the output level to get your mix.

Getting some pretty usable sounds with the stock presets that way.

I was really digging the hall preset - and I'm a plate reverb type of guy.
Listless Vessels!
I got an iPad yeah! I downloaded the H9 app gut haven't paired it up and played with yet. I probably will over the long weekend.
Welcome to the club! Make sure you don't drag that thing off the table with the guitar cable when you're rocking out.

I only use my iPad for displaying lyrics and tab, but I've heard great things from friends about AmpliTube.
Oh yeah! Dual Delay (Take your pick), detune and Choralflange! (Reverb not needed) 80s LA Cheese!!!!

I got another buffer/splitter coming so I can try to see how the CE-2 does.
Listless Vessels!
(06-25-2014, 08:58 PM)Agileguy Wrote: The delays on this thing in stereo are OFF THE CHAIN, particularly when you have a dual pattern going. I will post more when I'm not on my phone. But it is an instant keeper.

So how is the love affair going?
You know what new love is like, you just fuck all day and everywhere.
What he said. I fucking love this thing. I'll have to get some new algorithms at some point. If I didn't have a custom guitar, an amp, and an H9 to pay for I would buy more mow. But I'm very happy with my plate and synthonizer algorithms. I think I will pick up Blackhole next.

I also can't wait to use this thing with the incoming Egnater. I've always wondered how a Marshall type amp would work for the kind of stuff I do. Even if it doesn't gel perfectly with the ambient effects I love to mess around with so much, it will probably sound killer with a nice subtle plate/hall reverb.
(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

Stop!!! You're making me look like a tightwad... :p

Wait until I have my Triaxis!
Listless Vessels!
So are you actually going to get one then?
(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

Lets see if someone bites on my wanted ad on TGP.

If the price is right.... It ain't going to be a new one with what they are going for 2nd hand.
Listless Vessels!

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