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Ever had a sudden GAS attack?
I know you have - What's your gear fetish? :)

All of a sudden I want a Mesa Triaxis. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on that small rack rig.


Eclipse (maybe that new Axe-FX coming out instead)
2:50 Maybe a Matrix

I'll swap an EV I have into one of my thieles. Should be really small and powerful. And expensive.
I really want a Fender 68 Reissue Deluxe Reverb.

Also want to try a striped series EVH, but add a neck pickup.

Everyone should be armed ...until nobody has guns.
No. Not really.
Because I said so. 
I want a hovercraft but my indecisive nature is inhibiting my purchase.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
Yes, all the fucking time.

I'm really trying to not get the Egnater SW-45 but I think I may cave. NAD thread coming next week...
(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

If I liked the last Randall I had, I would already own a Diavlo 45. And then I'd probably mod it to take EL 34's. How's that for putting the cart before the horse?
I'm bit by the Gretsch bug now. Unfortunately, Gretsch doesn't make too many 25.5'' scale length models and I like DynaSonics, so that limits me to buying another Falcon.
Most of my GAS is gone these days. I've got two killer amps, two awesome cabs, four going on five awesome guitars, and an incredible pedalboard. Now the only things I really want are over a grand, so it definitely limits my impulse purchase options.

I am thinking about putting my old PT Nano to use though. I think another H9, an El Capistan, and a multi dirt box would be super awesome.
(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

I would have loved to have gotten my hands on Jolly's White Falcon. C'est la vie.
Because I said so. 
Not yet .

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