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Here's another should I do it....
Mesa 50/50... Its popping fuses (even with no tubes) and I don't want to mess with it...

I got a few choices...

1. get a 2:50
2. just get it fixed
3. fix it and have fat mod installed... Its a choke with a couple of other small components. Probably an hour labor.

Keep in mind I most likely will have a Triaxis soonish... The fat mod is supposed to make the 50/50 work better with the Triaxis (its a Mesa approved mod). Hearing its a better built amp anyway.

I also need to get my Recto fixed so maybe I would be better off getting it fixed at the same time.

What say you?
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IMO no to keeping th 50/50. A friend of mine and his bandmate both have 50/50s AMD they're constantly having problems with them and are in the shop getting fixed a LOT.

If i recall my mesa lore correctly the triaxis was designed to be mated with the 2: series power amps and vice versa.

In any case the 2: series are more modern designs and probably have many of the kinks worked out
There's another option -

Solid state power amp. I've got a Velocity 300... Maybe go for a Matrix. Weight would be a big + if the sound is there.
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As long as you don't expect tubey power tube sag or overdrive from the rocktron, it's a good unit (ditto for the velocity 100 and 150) that'll produce lots of reliable clean power.
I'd get a 2:50.
(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

No one for the go big or go home camp? :p

The 2:90 does not look all that expensive on the used market, just overkill. Just tubes.
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Slightly irrelevant but I used to have a simul stereo 2/95 which ran (on each channel) a duet of el34s in class A for 30W or the el34s along with a duet of 6L6s in class A/B for 95w.

4 el34s
4 6L6s
2 12ax7s (phase inverters)

And the transformers were massive to go along with the huge rack case (4U).

It weighed as much as a small European country and cost roughly that country's gdp to retube.

But man the power! So loud and utterly clean. Even when cranked I found it hard to get any breakup.
Yeah - expecting clean power from the amp.

I get my dirt from pedals on occasion. Had a fun time with a Bogner Blue on Thurs (With an Anderson HF2 - which is out of character for me). Also a few minutes with a Wampler Pinnacle. I might like that one slightly more.

I chose go big... Found what looked to be a good deal.

Just pulled the trigger on a 2:90. Now to dig out that EV.
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Kickass. That's gonna be a sweet little rig.
I am so bad...

Triaxis on the way. I should have everything else though.

Oh well, the cost is not too bad - only thing that worries me is I probably have to make a payment to the lawyer in the next couple of weeks. Money's there but it hurts!!!!!

Gotta live a little tho'.

I got rack cases, MIDI switchers, etc. so lets see what I can use. Problem is I'm a MIDIot. huge grin
Listless Vessels!

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