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Retro Gaming
(07-29-2014, 07:50 AM)Hooch Wrote: I'm sure he needs alot of help to get going again but I think I'm going to make it part of my current basement renovation project and reintroduce him to the family.

Nice! You should still be able to find parts for that machine, I would think. There are a lot of coin-op repair places near me that have warehouses full of that stuff.

My machines are a Williams Flash and a Data East Time Machine. Both machines are 98% functional, with the usual quirky days. Flash is a decent specimen from the late 70's. Time Machine is fun because as you earn multipliers, the machine progresses back through the decades with soundtrack to match, so that when it reaches the 1950's only electro-mechanical sounds are used. The 1980's disco soundtrack is a shock.

(07-29-2014, 09:56 AM)Speng Wrote: I've seen so many old arcade cabinets either free or dirt cheap lately on Craigslist. Last week some guy was giving away two Asteroids cabinets, with enough parts to make one fully operational game.

You should do that project. Seriously. PM me if you need any boards.

Not so long ago you could get $200 for a broken machine, and over a grand for a working one. Those monochrome vector displays weren't as prone to failure as the color ones. Every coin-op enthusiast should have one.

And a Battlezone right next to it.
(07-29-2014, 07:50 AM)Hooch Wrote: I'm sure he needs alot of help to get going again but I think I'm going to make it part of my current basement renovation project and reintroduce him to the family.

Our buddy at Barcade has a guy that deals with vintage game parts. Let me know when and I will put you in touch. Speaking of vintage games you guys should check out Barcade if you are in Philly, Jersey or NewYork
(07-29-2014, 10:24 AM)Dr. Vegetable Wrote: You should do that project. Seriously. PM me if you need any boards.

I contacted him right after the post went up and they were already spoken for. I hate when that happens.
More Intellivision stuff: I won an eBay auction Friday for an Intellivoice unit, seven games and some promotional brochures. It was $20.50 with free shipping, and it arrived today. The guy sent it priority mail, it cost a little over $11. I'm not sure why he did that.

There are a few controller inlays missing, but those can be found cheap enough.
so, will it be B52 bomber or bomb squad?
One of the games in the lot was actually B-17 Bomber, which would have been my first choice of Intellivoice games to buy.

I remember playing it while standing at the demo station in K-Mart a looong time ago, I was blown away at the time.
I had an ad up on Craigslist saying I was looking for Intellivision games. Some guy emailed me and he sent a picture, a cardboard box with nine boxed games. I asked how much and he said, $15...that included the console. He mentioned he thought he had all of the Atari stuff out of that box. Of course I then asked about the Atari stuff and if it was for sale too. He said he had a console, some controllers and 40 or 50 games. He said $40...for everything, both consoles and all the games. He just wanted it out of the basement.

I agreed, met the guy, took a quick look at the Atari box and smiled. I went into the Atari stuff without a picture or any idea what he had. It's an Atari 2600 JR, which I didn't have and there's actually seventy three games. I didn't recognize some of the titles, so I'll have to see if there's anything rare there. Out of the whole lot, there's probably only twenty or so that I already had. Some of the labels are in rough shape, but that's not surprising considering the age of the things.

There was a tenth Intellivision game hiding in the bottom of the box. There's also a bunch of Atari catalogs and that kind of stuff.
I don't know if it's the carts or the boxes, but they do have a musty smell. I have them airing out right now.
That is a serious score. I am quite jealous. I bet you were all like:

[Image: Space-Invaders-Hug-Me.png]
I'll snap some pictures later, it's a nice bunch of stuff.

I wasn't looking for a second Intellivision console, but how can you turn it down for the price?
Here's my haul, there are actually 75 Atari games, not including the double ended one. There are some doubles on games, there's at least three copies of Space Invaders (one is the Sears Tele Games version) two copies of Pac Man, two Combats and two Warlocks. I haven't really given them a good look through yet, I'm waiting for the basement smell to dissipate.

I plan on cleaning up the consoles and controllers over the Winter, that's a good Saturday project.

Please excuse my basement floor.


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