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Battlefield 4
I held off getting this one because I was very disappointed in "3". They seem to be trying to hone in on the CoD franchise.

Anyway, I picked it up for 1/2 price a couple of weeks ago. I can't get into the multiplayer mode. I suspect that some of the problem is akin to one of the things I hated about BF3: higher level players have ridiculous advantages. Meh.

Campaign mode: I'm digging the gameplay. It's an interesting storyline and engaging action. BUT, they have serious problems with saving your progress. I thought that I had messed up something until I made it AGAIN to the VIP helicopter escape. After you die, the game restarts but there is no video.

It took mere seconds of google search to discover that this is a programming error that has been known since the game's release.:(

Come on EA, you can do better than this.
Because I said so. 
Yeah, I have a love hate relationship with BF4. I enjoy playing it, but I hate that unless you have an entire team made up of people you know you have lottle to no chance of teamwork or strategy.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
IDK how they could mess up the franchise this badly. I LOVED BBC2. It remains a favorite of mine. Sadly there are few folks still playing it.

I bought BF3 hoping for a continuation and they blew it. BF4 continued the downward spiral. I really don't like the new vehicle controls, and the glitches in the campaign mode are a deal breaker.

I'm glad I avoided the full price of this disaster.
Because I said so. 
Amen. Bad company 2 was the high point of the franchise for me. After that, everything was tweaked to appeal to the run and gun COD kids and it suffers as a result.

The new chopper controls are terrible.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
I was finally able to complete campaign more today.

I am disappoint. It did not take long at all.

The squad function was MUCH better in BBC2.

I still can't figure out some of the controls for multiplayer, nor can I figure out why they keep changing them.
Because I said so. 
One thing I really liked about BBC2 was the destruction, and how immersed you could get. Those two things were virtually gone in BF3. It was infested with bugs, and you would die from the dumbest things. Not to mention how much more balanced BBC2 was. I have had no faith in the franchise since then, and I never even considered BF4.
In the Campaign there is a black guy named "Irish". He's the one who constantly drops F-bombs and throws in other profanity unnecessarily.

Based on this game I can only conclude that it's the black guys who lack vocabulary skills. :rolleyes:
Because I said so. 

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