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Celtic Franklin 15
[Image: Franklin.html#5]
Built by Scott_F at the Duncan forum.

This is an AWESOME little amp. My only "complaint" is that it's louder than I typically use on stage.

The majority of the time I play through a POD direct to the board. I went almost two years without even plugging in poor Franklin.

Since I christened the man cave a few months ago, Franklin has been fired up numerous times. I finally dialed it in and I LOVE this amp. It's built based on the Matchless Lightning circuit. After I'd had it for a few months, it was still a bit bright for my tastes. Scott offered to install a cut circuit to give more control of the high freqs. It worked.

It's a 2-EL84 amp. I have the first one in the non-tolex version featured on the website. The picture there is before the addition of the cut circuit. At a decent volume this amp SINGS. Warm, yet crisp, sweet tones galore. It's VERY responsive.

Not only does it rock, but this thing is a handsome piece of hardware.
Because I said so. 
I've always thought those things looked great; I never realized you owned one. They certainly seem more affordable than the Matchless amps they're based on.
It's a GREAT amp. Scott builds for fun, so it's not easy to get on the waiting list. If you do, you will not be disappointed.
Because I said so. 
Franklin made numerous appearances on my band's last CD.  I used an OD pedal on only one song, but not this one.
Because I said so. 
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Mostly clean until the outro:
Because I said so. 
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Sounds great… Both of them!

“Strength“ really reminded me of Never-Say-Die era Petra’s sound.
You do the best you can with what you have to work with
Thanks. It's a great amp, but too loud for most of my needs.

We recorded it at about 50-60% volume, and it was BLARING in the band room.
Because I said so. 

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