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NAD: New Acoustic Day!
So, GAS got the better of me. I've worked some borderline crazy shifts lately (10 hours yesterday on my "day off" and over 16 hours Friday as an example), so I decided it was about time I found an acoustic that makes me smile as much as my Gretsch Black Falcon.

Collings OM2HG:

[Image: DSC_3202.jpg]

[Image: DSC_3218.jpg]

Not much to dislike about this one. I played it amongst quite a few Martins, Taylors and some local luthier stuff. This one packed as much punch as the dreadnoughts and while it doesn't have the booming lowend, it's a heck of a lot clearer throughout and the tone is a lot more forward and focused. It beat out all the D-18, D-28, OOO-18 and even a custom shop 0000 guitar (admittedly, by a very narrow margin). My Martin 000-15M was a decent guitar, but the harmonics, punch, clarity and balance of this thing destroys it (granted they're in completely different price structures). If I play out, I'll use the Martin. When I'm songwriting and recording it's going to be this thing.

Getting to shootout acoustics for 4 hours today and getting to pick it up for $1500 less than what they go new for sealed the deal. This is supposed to be braced like the "pre-war" Martins and I guess I see what it's about because it's very light weight and resonates/projects like crazy.
Congrats -

Nothing like a good acoustic. I wished I did not wait 35 years to get one.
Listless Vessels!

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