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Starbucks No Ink Policy
Hrmm... Not sure where I stand on this. When I visit $Bux or any place like that I don't expect Mr/Ms professional.

What say ye?

Seems like all the people who work at Caribou or Dunn Brothers have piercings and ink.
Where is the petition for keeping the policy?


I thought it was WORK.
Because I said so. 
Having tats I am torn on this. First off all of my tats can be covered with a short sleeved shirt. These twenty somethings that get full sleeves because they want to look edge can't whine about not working at Starbuck because they look too edgy. I get Starbuck's stance.
(09-14-2014, 12:19 AM)LesStrat Wrote: "Self-expression?"

I thought it was WORK.

My thoughts also. Express yourself on your own time. When you are on the clock you are expressing the thoughts/images/ideals of whatever your company and employer tell you to. If you don't like it, don't work there.

I don't have any tats but I personally don't give a shit (and probably don't even notice) if someone is serving me my coffee, food, etc has them. It doesn't matter to me... but it does to some other customers and the ideals of the company trump that of the individual.
I would prefer it if the people who are making my food don't have hepatitis.
But - Wondering what's more disconcerting...

A sleeve stained with Coffee/Syrup (Its gonna happen frequently) or the sight of an occasional arm sleeve?

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