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Wireless printer security
I have an HP 7525 wireless printer. Apparently it is within range of a neighbor and they keep printing things on my printer. Either that or HP is sending things.

Today it was pages of "lunch notes": notes you put in a kids lunch box.

How can I find out where this is originating, and if it IS from outside, how can I block it?
Because I said so. 
Send lemonparty to their printer. I guarantee it will stop.
(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

I don't like wireless - but its a necessity these days.

I tried to look on my HP - but I forgot its hardwired via ethernet.
Did you get a manual with it. I tried looking it up at HP and according to their help/search/support it doesn't exist.

As it's connecting directly to your Modem/router it should have a security encryption option . The required code is usually on the bottom of your modem/router. [ code/password ] if you have a manual may I suggest you attempt to follow its instructions on how to enable the encryption.

Alternately start at the printer and press the wireless button and follow its prompts/select no 1,2 or 3 and see if you can find your way, to enter the encryption key.

If this is already enabled, it's not your neighbour sending lunch lists.


AAAAAAAAaaaaagh ..... run ......... they're here..........
Maybe this will help.... Or be totally useless.
It is possible that the printer is acting on its own. That's why I was trying to figure out how to find the origins of the commands.

Good catch on the router, Wazza. That should be blocking outside access.
Because I said so. 
I went back and forth with the HP forum tech support.

Turns out it is coming from an HP website. Problem is I checked my account and NOTHING is checked for periodic printing. When the printer did it again, I wrote back and reported it and said, "MAKE IT STOP!" They gave me a phone number to call--during limited office hours. ARGH!

The pages definitely are from their site, though.

I think it's a conspiracy to increase ink sales.
Because I said so. 
It's probably linked to their " updates ". There should be some where amongst the HP "stuff " on your pc utilities to manage your updates. They're usually default set to "Autoupdate " which they do far too often. If you can find it set it to manual or disabled. See if that stops the junk printing. There might even be a " news " link.

[Image: 423a110b-bf9a-412a-8bb7-b8c0134e33f2_201...nie-63.jpg]
Nah, it's definitely from their website. I disable the auto-updates every time I install a new printer. There is no need for it.
Because I said so. 
Am I wrong in thinking this is an HP PC/Laptop loaded with all sorts of HP utilities and managers; EG; Wireless assistant. All stuff they add on top of Winders. There's all sorts of updating, scheduling and downloading settings and possibilities amongst that. " All designed to make you computer experience more managable and seamless ". I bet there's even a facility for this
- -
to be auto downloaded and updated so you can be kept informed.

Quote:Nah, it's definitely from their website.
No doubting the origin of the printing material source but one would presume there is something somewhere telling it to go to your printer and print it. Something like HP-news.

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