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Hmm... Another Hit or Miss thread...

[Image: PP2457_lapkins_lifestyle_web-460x460.jpg]
Listless Vessels!
That looks a little small for me. Is that Ace's?
(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

His is the thong.

Its yours, the camera always shaves off 20 pounds. :p
Listless Vessels!
Must look great when you spill gravy in your lap
Or over-glaze your donut....
Listless Vessels!
You guys are getting gayer by the minute.
Just going to the "low-hanging' fruit... :)
Listless Vessels!
- -
Quote:FED up with the antics of men on their daily commute, women around the world are taking a stance against what they consider inappropriate and offensive behaviour.

The issue has to do with the way men sit on public transport, with their legs spread wide clearly putting their nether regions on display.

Unlike women, who tend to sit with their legs neatly together, men are being accused of taking up too much space and of inflicting unnecessary views of their groin onto fellow commuters.
Where do these prissy idiots come from ? They need to grow some balls and experience what it's like to have them.
[Image: 095927-9cca15c4-4aa2-11e4-9e77-7409857ba1a2.jpg]

Miss Prim and Proper
[Image: 019186-e0cfa554-4aa2-11e4-9e77-7409857ba1a2.jpg]
^ Fair call on the space issue IMO
getting stuck between two fat fuckers throwing big leggies makes for a pretty crappy plane/train trip
I'm with you on little miss OMG I CAN SEE HIS PANTS tho.
Some could do to lessen the gap but I'm still not going for the Knee to Knee ball crush.
OMG I can see her fat arse... and there's tits under those clothes , I better wear baggy pants so my anatomy doesn't show. I bet they only shit in their own toilet at home and walk around constipated all day.

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