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Positivegrid JamUp
So I bought the plug and the metal signature expansion for the app.

Now after 3 hours of jamming, I'm kicking myself in the ass for not doing it sooner.

I'm just amazed how good this sounds, and the tweakability is endless, especially with BIAS which I haven't even tried yet. Even the tuner on this thing is good, the best tuner I've used on an app thus far.

My advice to anyone who tries it out: when you get the app, buy an expansion that fits your style, then go into the "share" section and download the user presets you find interesting that include only amps and effects you already have available.

I made the mistake of trying to figure out the output levels and stuff myself, only to later learn from the presets I downloaded.

Note: the included noise gate is pretty much required, as the amount of noise is realistic and can get quite frustrating. The merrow signature gate in the metal pack is notably more effective than the gate included in the free app.

The controls don't match the real deal ones 100% on the amps and effects, so there is a bit of a learning curve, but I figured it out after about a half hour.

My favorite amps so far are: the Ola sig. War, the Merrow sig. 5153, and the Ola sig. Peace.

I was running it through a set of powered Altec Lansing computer speakers.
To tell you the truth, IDGAF how he handles his position at Duncan.

I'm just highly impressed with this app.
So here's my update.

This app is phenomenal. I downloaded a few extra amps and effects. The amps I got were: 1. Hiwatt. It sounds like I expected, very David Gilmour. 2. A fender Bassman. This is my holy grail clean platform, from what I can tell. Sounds orgasmic with chorus and reverb. 3. A JCM800. I'm not terribly impressed with this one. It sounds good, but I'd rather jam with the Plexi or Merrow 5153 model when I'm feeling like a marshally tone. I also downloaded a compressor and a treble booster. The TB sounds really good going into both the Plexi and the AC30 model.

Amp GAS = gone.

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