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Anti-Telephone marketing tactic
I got bugger all for years then recently they started up again.
I've taken to mimicing the caller when they call. I've been getting Asian women with sing songy voices. They always seem to start off with a happy "hello " which I just mimic back at them like an echo. It seems to upset their little routine. I then get a pause and then they launch into their speil. Then I go " I probably don't want it; Bye " and hang up. It seems to be having an effect, they're getting less frequent.
If it's the India call centre I put on my best indian mimic and tell them they're talking bullshit [ the ones ringing to tell me there's something wrong with my computer ]and anything else I may improvise at the time.
It makes annoying phone calls fun.

I did this to one some years ago and it got him really upset. After I hung up he rang me back and abused me. Twice ! Hahahaha!!!!!

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