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Dog meat off the menu during Olympics
BEIJING - Canine cuisine is being sent to the doghouse during next month’s Beijing Olympic Games.

Dog meat has been struck from the menus of officially designated Olympic restaurants, and Beijing tourism officials are telling other outlets to discourage consumers from ordering dishes made from dogs, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday.
why? isn't that part of the Olympic experience? the culture which happens to include, which happens to include dog....
Here are some dogs the world can spare

[Image: ManicChihuahua.jpg]
[Image: casperpinkpoodlesm.jpg]
[Image: Evilclowndog.jpg]
[Image: dog_sweater_family.jpg][Image: dog_thong.jpg]
Ooops, I crapped my pants
I love the fact they have no problem eating dog as long as it is rabies free.

MANILA, Philippines—Investigators and animal welfare activists have rescued 18 dogs from the butcher's knife in the northern Philippines, using a new law against the illegal meat trade, an official said Thursday.

Two suspected dog meat traders were arrested in Monday's raid in Nueva Ecija province and charged under a new Anti-Rabies Law which provides tougher penalties for killing dogs for human consumption, said Serafin Gil, a National Bureau of Investigation agent who led the operation.
If convicted the traders face up to four years in jail plus a fine of $113 per dog traded. Under a previous law, traders faced milder sentencing.

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