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I think I need to change my pants...


Holy shit this could be awesome.

Basically, a Mark V for price of a used Mark IV, in lunchbox form.

Works for me.
You seen any gut shots of it yet?

Wonder if there are any ribbon cables like on the MkV?
Listless Vessels!
From the gut shots I've seen, which I'm not sure are legit, it does have some ribbon cables.
I'm loving how more amp companies are putting killer 15-20 watt high gain beasts in at this price. Splawn's got the super sport and Nitro super sport, Engl's got the Ironball, and now this.

I really like the Ironball, but I'm kinda fed up of EL84s. My next eventual amp will likely be a 6v6 high gainer... the splawns fit the bill.

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