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Skippy at large
I was out in our local forest with a mate collecting some firewood today I happened to come across a couple of kangaroos. I usually see them dead on the side of the road so it was a change to see some bouncing around alive. I've been living in this area ten years now and I've seen more Kangaroos around and closer to town this year than any before.

[img][Image: IMG_4066_zpsc25aad4a.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMG_4068_zpsafadbbe3.jpg][/img]
Nice, I get them in my yard here. You have to be up early though.
The larger one would stand about 6 feet when standing straight. They're big buggers some days.
There's a couple of country musicians who live a few of Klm out of town next to a state reserve.
Lots of Kangaroos and Emus wander around there on the plains adjoining their property.
We've rabbits everywhere. I had one run across the driveway gate the other day just I was about to drive in.

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