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NGD 7 strings of destruction
I was worried a little bit about the clarity of the low B before I got it from Fedex... not anymore.

This is easily the most beastly guitar I've ever purchased following my PRS Torero.

I think I'm gonna keep the pickups for a while too.

More pics and a review to come.

[Image: 10802906_765022433568296_57040332_n.jpg]
That is sweet as hell. Congrats.
yeah buddy! that thing looks slick!

Happy NGD! Been a while since your last eh?
(11-14-2014, 06:39 PM)CTN Wrote: yeah buddy! that thing looks slick!

Happy NGD! Been a while since your last eh?

Too long. I think the last one was May of 2013.

After playing it for a while, I might get a different bridge pickup eventually. There's not quite as much output as I like but a great pickup none the less.
Ok, review time.

First off, I'd like to say this is my first 7 string, and my first Ibanez. It's also my first set of Dimarzio pickups (in this case PAF's).

Ibanez hit it out of the park with this one. It's a no frills guitar, with tasteful appointments, such as a bound body, bound neck, and black chrome hardware. The Gibraltar bridge on this is great, it's comfortable, seems to be very stable and made well. One could probably unscrew it and use it as a weapon to bludgeon someone with if they were playing a show in Detroit or something.

The neck is very comfortable to me, and not quite the skateboard one might expect from Ibanez. Don't get me wrong, it's very thin, but it's still pleasant to chord and shred on.

Now to the the electronics. The PAF pickups in this are very nice. They are what I'd call medium output, however. Those expecting the pickups to rape the preamp like they just escaped from San Quentin are going to be disappointed. The switching, to me, was a pleasant surprise. Instead of the standard 3 way blade switch so common on the double humbucker guitars of today, Ibanez opted for a 5 way blade switch allowing split (single coil) tones from the bridge and neck pickups at the 2nd and 4th positions of the switch respectively. Anyone who knows my guitars well, knows that I put coil split capability on almost every guitar I purchase, so I was very pleased to find out I didn't need to do the work this time.

The body shape of the guitar helps it balances beyond excellently. This guitar is probably in the top 5 most well balanced instruments I've had in my hands. I'm also a fan of the fact that the guitar itself is lightweight- playing this thing for hours standing up would be an easy feat.

Overall, it's a well resonating, balanced, beast of a 7 string and I'm going to enjoy it for years to come.
I'm thrilled that you're enjoying the new axe, dude. Dave and I also sling sevens (he's getting zhangbuckers for his) and I have a Hellraiser 7 with EMG 707 TW's.

Once you get used to the extra string, a whole new world opens up.

Play some Behemoth for me, bro.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
(11-15-2014, 03:03 PM)Big Flannel Wrote: Play some Behemoth for me, bro.

I was actually playing some blackened death style stuff today. There's something to be said about the utter sound of despair and the low growl over the top of a minor chord with a seven string. Just awesome.

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