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Spectrum wiring.
I have been planning the wiring/pickups on my charvel spectrum i just got.

I was going to wire it like this but instead of a push pull i will use a mini toggle
[Image: DSC07815.jpg]
I think i will use the humbucker and middle single which came with it.

Bridge, usa jackson pickup, 16.3k
Middle, jackson 200r, 12.8k
Neck, ultrasonic ref 1, 7.8k

Whats your thoughts on this? Do you think the ultrasonic will be loud enough to work with the jackson pups.

Fuck its an ugly guitar haha, Still i love it.
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satisfied now ?
It has potential , the pickguard just throws me off?
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Get an on/on/on toggle and do series/split/parallel
(11-18-2014, 12:46 PM)CTN Wrote: Get an on/on/on toggle and do series/split/parallel

I have a guitar here with a switch like that. Pretty cool. It also has a bypass switch.

Can you draw me a diagram please?:toast: Or jut mod that one i posted. Thanks
yaya i'll do it up tomorrow and post it. almost bedtime here and I can't do circuit diagrams this late or my brain self-eradicates.
(11-19-2014, 12:08 AM)darthphineas Wrote: Blower switch can be found here

Series/split/parallel can be found here

The blower switch is cool but next to useless imo :toast:

CTN promised to draw me up a neat diagram :toast: I could try myself but it gives him something to do and makes us bond. :thanks:

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