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Squire 60s CV Strat in the mail !
That is your first Strat Babicz what do you think?
I think it isn't a Floyd , but it is solid and projects a lot of sound acoustically. Easy install and adjustments make it superior to everything else IMHO. Took it for a second run and beat on it pretty hard with still new strings and most of them stayed in tune. I do like some pull in a trem but oh well just drop it first and yank. Last time I talked to Jeff Babicz he said he was putting out a wraparound which would go on my Vox 3 bucker build but that was quite some time ago , good thing I can wait patiently forever. I bet the Strat Hardtail bridge would be a nice thing to try out too , just to be different.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
lookin good so far. that moses graphite looks sexy.
Neck is beyond nice ,well worth the price but it should come with big FAT SS frets at that price. Weird bit of trivia here , I have 2 Strats now and they have 17" and 16" fretboard radius. That is pretty odd in the world of Fender guitars especially because the flatter one is a stock neck.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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