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Help for to make gas plees.
Burn the base ball bat
I've got some 7.25" guitars and can get away with action in the 1/16" (actually about .070") range at the last fret. Bends of 3 half steps don't fret out.

That's pretty low to me, but its high compared to what some of the young whippersnappers (huge grin) say they use.

Thought the 62RI was a small profile - I shied away from getting one a couple of times (And a '57RI or two in the '90s) because I wanted a bigger profile. Is it Japanese-made by chance? (Japanese Strats are awesome, BTW)

IMO. Floyds are totally unnecessary these days... But I like them anyway!!! Bwahahaha! Set it up, lock it down and stick with the same string gauge... Only downside (aside for a change in tone) is you need a wrench to change strings (or make a major tuning adjustment).
It is Japanese. And it is awesome. But I just can't get along with the 7.25" radius anymore and coupled with the tiny frets - MEH.
You know my HM Strat has a 17" radius (25" scale) and it has to be the most comfortable guitar to play. On the other hand though there is my 81 LP Custom with the straight 12" and it could be seen as a shredstick too.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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