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Nice look to the Zoo
(03-21-2015, 11:43 AM)Securb Wrote: Thanks for opening your mouth. You have now been promoted to web design and maintenance. Good luck and God bless.

OK. First thing is reTiTling the site to..
[Image: productimage-picture-world-enterprises-c...t-3751.jpg]

If your going to have a left column and a right column of articles I suggest the right column should be a mirror of the right, to make it more interesting and appeal to dyslexics.
[Image: Temporary.jpg]
I want to say thanks for our fearless leader Hooch for all the hard work he put into the site redesign. It blew up on him a few times but he pushed on and got it done. You guys can expect to see small tweaks and features added as we move forward. Hooch got some mojo.

Where's the time/clock in the message boards gone ?
(04-12-2015, 07:35 PM)GoldenVulture Wrote: Where's the time/clock in the message boards gone ?

boards are in the process of being updated, so they may be a bit hokey on and off for a bit.

I shouldn't have started before the Game of Thrones premiere.
" updouldn'tve ated, " Wot ?
Smilies ? - -
[ Sorry, the page you are looking for no longer exists at the link you followed here… or it never did in the first place.
Try searching for what you are looking for in the box below, or try out some of our other content:]

Where are the Quotes/pic/ youtube links, etc ?

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