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What are you drinking right now?
HopDevil but I did have dinner this time
It's Friday night, no one is getting liquored up?
So far tonight I've had a Rouge's Chocolate Stout, Entire Butt English Porter, Lion Stout (from Sri Lanka), Dragon Stout (from Jamaica), O'Harah's Irish Stout and a Sinebrychoff porter (from Finland)... and I'm pretty damn loaded. SECURB, that Dale's Pale Ale rocks! I was gonna buy a 12 pack of cans today but... didn't.
Last night I opened a bottle of 2004 Syrah from Cottonwood Vineyards. A big, bold red with 18% alcohol which is HUGE for a red. Went down very well with a fresh baguette and some beautiful Comte cheese.
I brewed a batch of beer with some buds yesterday and made a german pilsner and then went all american on it and hopped it up a bit. Afterwards we cracked a ton of great beers I was most impressed with Deschutes Brewery Hop Henge. We started drinking at 11 AM I was passed out by 9 last night. :o

Perv your right about the Dales. None of the guys yesterday have had it so that is what we started off with.
I just got the yard done, weed wacking, planting flowers, filling animal holes, draining the pool cover, fixing the pool filter, gardening (not the Martha Stewart shit, we are talking 40 lbs bags of drainage rocks), and filling the predetor traps with fox urine - I am finally sitting down with a Stone Ruination. huge grin
At the inlaws for the weekend and stocked up...

so far:

sierra nevada porter
mad hatter IPA
Victory Old Horizontal

more to come
Hooch Wrote:Victory Old Horizontal

You are not fuckin around are you. I just cracked a Harpoon 2006 Barleywine, imagine that me with a barleywine.
Rogue Imperial India Pale Ale
Hooch Wrote:Rogue Imperial India Pale Ale

I guess your not fucking around, great beer but very expensive. I have a Dales Pale Ale in my hand I think I am going to hit the shower (did even more yardwork today) and the have cocktail hour with the wife and shake up some Martinis.

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