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What are you drinking right now?
Securb Wrote:I guess your not fucking around, great beer but very expensive. I have a Dales Pale Ale in my hand I think I am going to hit the shower (did even more yardwork today) and the have cocktail hour with the wife and shake up some Martinis.

No F'n around here. I'm in NC for the weekend, easier access to beer singles, unlike in PA where I have to go to Delaware to legally buy anything less than a 6-pack.

Just finished a Victory Storm King pre-dinner cocktail.

Still have a marzen and a big boy Red Chimay I have to down before hitting the road again tomorrow.
Cleaning the tap lines right now and finishing up my Memorial Day beers and chores. Right now I am popping a Green Flash Brweing IIPA, last night I had a Hoppin Frog IIPA it knocked my ass out.
Drinking water right now, although I'm heading home in a minute and will be promptly popping a Flying Dog-Garde Dog.

Cheers to all and happy freakin' Friday! :p
I have a Gordon IIPA right now I think I am going to get shitty while I watch The Celtics smackdown The Pistons
I have homebrewed IIPA on draft in my man room. I am going to tilt a couple of those while I play GTA4 and wait for The Celtics to start.
I know this thread isn't called "What were you drinking yesterday" but uh, yesterday I had a bunch of Red Stripe 24oz. bottles and two big ass Foster's cans. Their regular blue can lager shit and their green, red and gold can special bitter which was neither special, nor bitter.
The problem with Australia is that they label their beers with English style descriptions but it is all macro lagers down there for the most part. When my mother in-law came back from Australia she brought me back a "beers from down under" 6 pack and it included promising names like Victoria Bitter, Carlton Midstrength, Reschs Real Bitter Beer, Cascade Pale Ale. But they all were terrible. The only offering I've had from Australia that is worth your money imo is Cooper's solid offerings that are distributed to the US.
OK, currently today I'm drinking a small bottle Rochefort 10 and a big corked bottle of La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue. These are two of my favorite beers on Earth so I'm happy! I won't dare mention that before these I drank another big bottle of Red Stripe with lime. Oh DARN!
pervertfreak Wrote:I'm drinking a small bottle Rochefort 10 and a big corked bottle of La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue.

Love the Rochefort 10, Unibroue I am not too big on most of their beers taste the same. There it is I said it. Right now I am hitting a keg of IIPA homebrew some of my buddies made. Delicious huge grin
Molson XXX 7.3% ABV

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