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NPD: Dimarzio D Activator 7
(01-22-2015, 11:45 PM)darthphineas Wrote: sadly, my experiences with DiMarzio had been limited

i have a few dimarzios, i like them all.

Super distortion
super 2
air norton
tone zone
fast track
(01-23-2015, 01:00 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: I sold it actually. I offered it to Darth on Facebook but I forgot there were other bros on here who had passive pickup equipped 7's. I ended up selling it to someone on

(05-16-2015, 12:46 AM)johnjohn Wrote: What can I say - big boobs, small sports bra, no shirt, running down a hill.....that story just writes itself.
X2n is wicked with a super distortion in the neck.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
(01-23-2015, 08:12 AM)darthphineas Wrote: Of those, I've tried the X2N and the Super 2. Maybe if I'd kept the X2N and tried it in other guitars, but this was around 2000 and it just overpowered the other pickup in the guitar, which was already high output...maybe in a single hum. I tired the Super 2 as a neck model and while I like the highs, the low end can be a little took thick is some guitars.

The HS4 and the FT have been interesting. Is that the FT1 or FT2? And do you know the difference between the FT1 and FT2? The Single space SD was looking interesting, but now the Satch Track neck model has had my interest.

Sorry its a protrack. Another good dimarzio is the mo'joe and fred.
(01-23-2015, 04:41 PM)darthphineas Wrote: why you no good sumbitch! if I wanted someone to get pickup info all switched around and messed up, I'd be looking at the SD site or the SD FB.

I keep reading a lot of good stuff about the PAF Master. I like how they focus on the end result more than being "vintage" or worry about following "established" techniques. I think Lawrence was also a little unconventional and his stuff is great as well.

Shit i have an anniversary paf too. That may actually be my favorite out of the lot.

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