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inexpensive NPD incoming
(12-20-2014, 01:53 AM)kinnikuman Wrote: Wilkinson isn't all bad for the money. I wanna try gotoh pickups one of these days. I bet they shred.

Are you sure? I hear they are an artificial solution to an non-existent problem.

Naw, Gotoh makes top notch stuff. I'm sure the pickups are as well.
Listless Vessels!
Ok these pickups are flat out awesome.

I find myself happily switching back and forth and riding the volume and tone controls a lot more than I do on my other guitars. Just sounds great with my strat. So much snappy articulation and woody mids. I love it.


[Image: PC230414_zps8e8e13b1.jpg]
The women love the cock.
(12-19-2014, 10:52 AM)CTN Wrote: First impressions:

great googly moogly, what a good buy that was.

[Image: tmp_4031-IMG_20141219_104631-336087133_zpse726f038.jpg]

Both neck and bridge pickups are great. The neck pickup reminds me a lot of the Jazz, but a bit warmer and fuller sounding in the mids and with a bit more character. Retains articulation with high gain, and sounds lush and warm with cleans and OD.

Bridge pickup has a decidedly PAF quality to the note attack and the EQ, but it's got more output than a PAF, and a lot beefier too. Clean, it has a nice woody thickness in the low mids. Lotsa clarity/tightness too.

Going to a jam session later today so I'll test it out there and report back.

Also I have yet to get those switches for series/split/parallel wiring. They're in the mail and I'm not sure when they're getting here, but I'll obviously report on the split and parallel sounds when I wire it all up eventually.

That is god damn sexy. What a beautiful guitar.
Why thank ya Bruce.

I was trying not to flat out copy your TMR 2014 build though it was extremely tempting. You've got one sexy guitar there too bud.
The little on/on/on dpdt switches came in yesterday while I was at work and I spent some time rewiring both my strats for them.

So now I have series/split/parallel wiring on both strats. Hooray. They have been seriously versatile tone machines and both of them sound amazing.

But the Wilkinsons seem to have tons of mojo. The neck pickup is only 7.7k (ie just under 4k split) roughly, but split, it sizzles, jangles and whistles just like a nice single coil. The bridge bucker also splits very well, at a healthy 7.4k on each coil. It's got some definite attitude, and doesn't get too harsh.

Parallel mode on both pups is also great, makes for a nice middle ground between the split and series sounds. bit of the sizzle and brightness of the split, with a bit of the girth and humbucking of the series mode.

Good stuff. I love these pickups more every time I play them, and the fact that they were so cheap makes it just stupidly awesome.

Strongly considering getting another set, just for shits n giggles, though if I go with a Deacci set in my Showmaster, I'lm probably not gonna have any space for a 2nd Wilkinson set unless I get a new pickguard for my jolly roger (maybe a white one? I'd like that)

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