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Deacci Fibonacci Pickups
His winding pattern is based on the Fibonacci series.


Who wants to get a set of these and stack 'em up against some actual vintage PAFs?
I bet they sound great for TOOL covers.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
or math metal.

It almost sounds like a gimmick.

except that being a science/engineering nerd, I know that if you could discern the patterns in the wire on a 3-dimensional level, it would probably LOOK very pleasing to the eye, but who knows what kind of effects that natural beauty has on the actual sound signal generated by the pickup. I would assume that it might lend a more "natural" (cue rimshot) and organic kind of sound to the whole assembly, but that is purely conjecture based on the amorphous new-agey/cosmological concept of the language of the universe being math and somehow the Fibonacci series is supposed to be the basis for almost everything we find interesting, beautiful, intriguing and pleasing.

I'm not sure the Fibonacci series has previously been a source of inspiration for audio signal generation like... ever. Maybe Frank would know.
The thing is, how is that applied to the coils? 3 winds, a space, 5 winds a space, 8 winds, ... then continue wrapping back and forth? All that's doing is distributing gaps of ~1 wire width in the coil. I think, practically, it would end up being a largely pretty even coil. Sounds more like marketing hype than useful application of an algorithm in the construction of a circuit.

Everyone should be armed ...until nobody has guns.
And I thought Fibonacci was an Italian bread..
Cork sniffer or not, I'm gonna need to get a set. Then I'll solder them in according to sacred geometry while praying to Saturn for energy and strength.

If that doesn't give me the tones I'm looking for then I quit.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
you could always make a sandwich out of them.
Jesus. I never heard of Fibonacci until I was learning to calculate reactor power and had hoped to never fucking hear it again.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
You have a stupid dick and it's stupid.

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