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Deacci Fibonacci Pickups
Good , the Dalek didn't get him.
Daleks are dumb.
They were better when they were made of cardboard.

so I poked around Declan's snazzy site, and I think I'm gonna get in touch with him in a few weeks and work on a set for my Showmaster cuz I just can't get along with the PG+ in there right now. The '59A4 I have in the neck position currently is pretty good, but hell, the cheapo Wilkinson I just put in my '62ri strat sounds better.

so I'm thinking something 12-13K (maybe a slightly overwound macha from the pure power series) for the bridge with an A3 or A4 since I don't care for A8. And something more traditional for the neck position, high 7k or low 8k. probably also with an A3 mag.


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