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Get your geek on: went to a Comic Convention in Toronto today.
The article with pics appear in my blog.

Already have had a few people get back to my follow up contact tonight, so there should be a whole bunch of articles coming about new titles, CosPlayers and great comic book artists on the homepage.

I'll keep you posted so you can get your geek on as they appear.
I bet you had a blast, man.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
I was talking, exchanging info, photographing and interviewing; so it was pretty much just working.
I should have taken time to browse some of the merch because there was some pretty cool looking stuff at some of the tables.
Sounds like you were browsing the interesting stuff....
Because I said so. 

One of the CosPlayers I photographed gave me their F/B page, (a lot of these people promote via social media as they don't have the $$$$ for a site) at the time I thought I had misheard her.
Nope it was indeed Prince______ and not Princess _______.

Turns out that rose had a stem.

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