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Anyone Tried a Tyler?
Been feeling the tinges of GAS since I saw DD1SJ's Tyler on that other forum. I'd of course would want something in a more modest color scheme.

Wondering if its really all that - over a Suhr even... Anyone tried one? Trying to talk myself out of it...
Listless Vessels!
Always thought you were more the cougar type.

huge grin

Listless Vessels!
Anyone tried a shadow? sorry this ones not about shadows.

No i haven't tried a Tyler.
(12-26-2014, 05:56 PM)darthphineas Wrote: the good thing about teen girls is that no matter how old you get, they are still teen girls.

fortunately for Liv Tyler, she never ages. or maybe fortunately for me.

Wow so original. Where did you get that joke? Did you get a ''dad jokes'' book for Christmas? :toast:
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT3aGK0sDrCoNcHyrSvbdK...pSHMWVDchr]
Listless Vessels!
(12-26-2014, 07:08 PM)darthphineas Wrote: if your mom don't ease up on the Imperial steeping stool, you'll be calling me 'dad' by next Christmas

[Image: JjvDCHzToiUQMcFNdbSC_Helpful%20Flasher.gif]

Kinni a Texan?
Listless Vessels!

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