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Suhr SSH Incoming...
Found a SSH at less than MAP, so pulled the trigger.

This DSV+ isn't working out for me. Too thin on the split coil. The old DSH was a lot better into the Triaxis full on, but needed a little high end on the split coil. Still was worth the $65 to experiment.
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Congratzonia lesreese
I really did it for you, neighbor! huge grin
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Should have put 'Incoming NPD' on the title... huge grin

SSH is a pickup (Single Screw Hot). Its mid output, around 12.8K and Alnico V. The SSH+ Darth mentions above is often compared to a Duncan JB (About 17K).
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You call 12.8k mid output really? Thought anything above 10k was a ton of wire on a bobbin = high output?
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Yep - dual screw vintage/hot.

I'll have to say it seems the customer support people at Suhr (Unless you get to John) are reading from a script - they don't really want to take a stand one way or another. I guess I don't blame them for that.

I'm coming from the perspective of a someone who has exclusively played single coils for nearly 40 years. Was looking for basically vintage Strat tones + the fatter tone that worked for distortion. I would certainly accept a 85% solution - its a given I can't have a perfect Strat sound and a LP sound too.

I can kind of tell you by memory between the SSH+ and DSH, DSV+ and DSV.

The SSH+ was pretty dark and middy. Split did not yield an usable Bridge + Middle facsimile. I felt it was dark and rubbery as if I combined a full PAF class bucker with a middle Strat pickup.

DSH was pretty balanced. Had a mid push I liked with the full bucker and distortion. Split was definitely brighter and usable vs the SSH+ - did combine well with the middle but was not the typical quack - had its own thing going.

DSV+ nice, but I missed that mid push the DSH had. Split had less bottom - actually too bright the way I have it set up now.

DSV was also nice, but the bridge split + Middle also pulled back in output too much and was too hollow sounding.

I've got a SSV+ but have not put that one in a guitar yet.
Also a SSV that was original to my main white Suhr I converted to a SSS format (Its been a long time). That one is a monster once I got it back from the conversion (to SSS + a bridge conversion).

The SSH I'm expecting to be a hair brighter than the DSH and definitely brighter and more open than the SSH+. I've seen something from John saying it had more punch than the DSH. We'll see Wednesday or Friday.

(12-29-2014, 01:46 PM)Oinkus Wrote: You call 12.8k mid output really? Thought anything above 10k was a ton of wire on a bobbin = high output?

Yeah - I'd call it that (with respect to that line of pickups.). Its a smaller gauge wire so I understand it takes more turns to get equivalent output. My DSV+ is 10K with 42ga wire I understand - its considered a slightly overwound PAF flavor (with dual rows of screw poles). The non + is 9K for the bridge as I recall.

Its all relative (there are other parameters that contribute to output too) - but I'd call 17K in the high category.
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Without any pics this thread is balls
(12-29-2014, 03:20 PM)kinnikuman Wrote: Without any pics this thread is balls


[Image: Y9tmj05R5mw0psoSdQEg_Dildo%20Cabinet.gif]

huge grin
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And its here and installed....

Initial impression (set 5/64T-6/64B)-

Distorted - I think it a really nice sounding pickup. Definitely brighter to me than the DSH. Its going to be noticeably brighter than the + model certainly.

Split Clean - has that balance I wanted, but seems a little nasally (less so than the DSV+). I can hear the quality in the standalone split slug coil and combined with the middle. Its not going to be perfect.

I'll have to keep on dialing it in.
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I was hoping to get something set up for some clips...

Not getting a lot of time to play this past week but did have a 2nd round with it....
Been up since 5am on a call-out - so I'll take some time next week to make up.

This is as probably as good as it gets - but something tells me the pickup might benefit from a cover.

#2 position has adequate quack but a little more of a nasal quality to it.

Full on with distortion - sounds mighty fine. Odd thing is (and maybe its a fluke with my adjustment) I actually don't object to the full on humbucker clean. Its pretty balanced tonewise, yet packs a bit of a wallop with the output.

Darth - I think you should give the regular SSH a shot even though I know you're more into metal than I am.
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