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Raphs diy quick change.
CTN me curry what do you think? Better than the last idea with the pcb? Didn't you say going off the switch lugs would be better?

I wish pots came with lugs on the top haha.
I like it. Though just make sure to solder the ground lug before you solder the terminal block in place. Could be tricky to do the ground after the terminal block is soldered.
This wiring shit is defeating me. I just am not good at this part of guitar building.
get better fuckass. practice. learn.
I hate all this newfangled quick change bullshit. I use solder, an iron, and solder wick.

Here's a tip: some smaller irons have a hard time doing case grounds/pickup covers/etc. I use a little 30w for the regular shit and a 230w for grounds. It gets them so hot so fast, the solder flows easily and you can remove the iron faster so there's less chance of damaging the internals of anything. Don't try it on smaller joints. It turns small amounts of solder into gray chalky shit.
(01-03-2015, 12:57 AM)CTN Wrote: get better fuckass. practice. learn.

Well you maybe good at wiring but you suck at Painting,Finishing and Building so suck my big hairy nads. puke

Yeah i know its practice and thats what i am doing.

I dont know if this preamp thing is fucking things about or what. The cts pot is tripped out on is off and off is on and no matter what way i put the lugs its the same result. The switch is working in the middle and bridge position but both pickups come through in all spots. Neck position is dead. I dont know what to do sometimes i do really well at wiring then other harder projects just fuck with me.

Also i rewired a alpha p[ot into the volume section and its working normal. the cts one is tripping

Its fucking with my small mind.

Artie drew this for me. can anyone see any faults?.
[Image: 1v1t3wayplusshockwave-1.jpg]

Below is the dimarzio schemematic
[Image: 1v1t3wayplusshockwave.jpg]
Not sure wtf the dimarzio thing is supposed to do exactly, but yeah the drawing artie did is effectively the same as the dimarzio schematic
It sounds like you screwed up wiring the switch.
Check the wire to the pre amp and which switch terminal it's connected to.
It's really easy to look at a mistake many times before it registers.
If you want to truly mess up the wiring, leaving the soldering to me!
Because I said so. 
(01-03-2015, 10:55 AM)LesStrat Wrote: If you want to truly mess up the wiring, leaving the soldering to me!

I'll get you to do a few kits for me.

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