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Oversized screw poles
Somebody knows where I can buy these damned things, like in the Super D and some others. I replaced the monster pole screws in one of my Detonators with some generic allens from some old busted pickup and really like the results. I need 12 more!

Does anyone here know where I can buy some more?
No, but I will. Thanks.
Hmm. No love on either site, nor ebay.

I know these motherfuckers are available somewhere!

You would then have the issue of making sure you buy the right material.
Listless Vessels!
I found some flathead types in some old Czech pickups-same size and thread pitch. Don't put much stock in the cleans between the two-the Detonator is still so hot that it overdrives the front end a little bit so I have to roll the volume off a bit, and it would seem I rolled it off a little more for the stockers than with the replacement poles.

Headless screw poles:


[Image: image_zps310762f3.jpg]
Yeah, if they weren't so goddamned hard to find. I wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to chew the heads off the stock screws and put a slot in what's left.

And nevermind the playing.

1. I was in a hurry.
2. I love Lizzy.

I've always wanted to try threaded carbon rods they use in tuning coils, yet I still haven't. They come in a range of sizes and threads.
[Image: coil1.jpg]

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