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Just kill me now please?
New laptop shows up today my Moms got it from a friend as a donation for a kid in her charity endeavor that no longer is in the program.Just starting it up and getting to the desktop is a monumental hassle in Windows 8.whogivesafuck. Just a miserable thing ,HP laptop with a touchscreen lowerend unit.So many things that it just won't do and so many things it just does wrong. Login to your microsoft account is impossible , it won't use a POP3 email but it sends you an email and a number that won't ever work tried it several times. Try alternate methods it asks for your email address WTF ? I want to do horrible things to this godawful abomination.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Sounds like it was issued from CMS.

...or skynet.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
No idea how people buy things like this with their hard earned money and actually use them.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Slight aside: I was trying to install Office 2010 on my SIL's laptop last week. ARGH!

Have I said lately how much I hate the interface in Win8?

It's supposed to be more user friendly. I can't find anything that I do readily in Win7 & XP.

I got it cleaned up, and I installed some of the standard protection software

I never got Office installed.
Because I said so. 
On a PC, windows 8 is awful.

On a tablet, it rocks. The UI is optimized for the tablet platform and it shows.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
(01-12-2015, 06:00 PM)Big Flannel Wrote: On a PC, windows 8 is awful.

I have 8 and I have no problems with it. I click a button and an application starts. What is the big fucking deal?
It's fine until you need to make adjustments.

It's ironic that the one thing windows proponents like over Apple OS is LESS accessible in Win8: tweak ability.
Because I said so. 

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