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Tried the Halo 5 Beta today.

It looks good, like a tighter version of Halo 4 with the response of Spartan Ops (which felt as though it handled better than the main campaign).
So far what has been released are three multi player options so you really only get a feel for how the character handles and te environments look.

Which doesn't really give you any idea what the new game will be like, and may give some the concern that the franchise is heading down the same road that COD has been criticized for taking.

The environments do look good, and the added combat chatter really does bring something to the multiplayer, there is also hints of new weapons to be included in the new game but not much more past that.
No screen shots, no artwork no map hints; nothing.

Perhaps new material wil be released, (much like Spartan Ops was during Halo 4) but for right now anyone wishing to actually try a sample of the game will have to wait and may not find the Beta to be worth the time and hard drive space.

Unless they are going to migrate all stats to the players ID when the full version comes out so this would give players a chance to level up in advance.
But more likely will be a weapon or armour than level as is standard with many Beta to full game migrations for Beta players.

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