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If you thought the Kanye-McCartney thing was funny..
Looks like The Biebs pulled one too! Lol!

Kids these days...
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
Keef is a BAMF
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
I don't care what kind of music you play. How can you be in the industry and not recognize Keef? Keef is an artist and he needs to be taken seriously.
Keef is a living legend, and history will remember who he is over most of the industry picks.

The music industry is no different from the film industry in it's ability to continuously ignore the intrests of the population for it's self promoting concept of 'art'.

I had the great misfortune of hearing the Oscar nominations during breakfast this morning; not only had I not heard of most of the movies mentioned (they do know that more than 8-12 movies were made this past year right?) but I have almost no interest in watching practically any of them no matter how many times they nominate the same movies, which have the same look, with the same type of dialogue and plot line over and over.

~edit~ And Kanye is a penis who I could care less what he does.
yeah, but it was nice of him to give that McCartney bloke a chance.
Because I said so. 

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