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TMRzoo Fantasy Football 2016
Time to start this thread up...

How did everyone like the 2-division set-up from last year? Should we roll with that again? $20 entry fee still good?

Sign in here if you're interested in playing this year. Let me know if you will be bringing managers to the table also so we can get an accurate count come time to start this up.
I'm in and manage if you need to. I like the 2-division makes the players available better.
When life gives you lemons, just say 'Fuck the lemons,' and bail.
You know I'm in, and we can probably count on my father too.
There's no crying in baseball
C-Notes Wrote:I'm in and manage if you need to. I like the 2-division makes the players available better.

The division to division smack is also fun. Im in with my $20 donation
im in, id like to continue my reign over all you bitches :lol:
did we have 8-team or 10-team divisions last year?
We had 2 10 Team divisions. It worked out great.
There's no crying in baseball
I would like to join this year, was to late to join last year.
I am in.
Ok, we're at 8: Hooch, C-Notes, Gator, El-Vel, Securb, Homer, cleeg, LargePayload

BrianJ brought a bunch of guys in last year, we'll see who he can bring in.

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