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TMRzoo Fantasy Football 2016
I need to set the draft. I will do it in the next couple of days.
I started up the league we had going last year and invited all of those guys back. Maybe we can do an overall winner again.
suck it superman.
So...not too much longer and I may be able to claim victory this season....Vandelay Industries....

I know...I know...your all cursing the F$#%$#NG Canadian...
I still think I can catch you. No one teached me math.
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A champion has been born
Yesterday on wildcard Sunday, I wore the t-shirt I got in the prize pack from the win four years ago.

Still in great shape and one of my fave t-shirts of all time...."Generation Iron" . . . 
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So...when is draft day?  Any format changes this year?

I'm ready to roll...

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