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The Patriots cheating again
Yes, you will.
I don't even know when it's being played.
Because I said so. 
(01-22-2015, 08:55 PM)Speng Wrote: I hate that I'm rooting for the Pats in the Super Bowl.

Don't let it get your goat.

I'm kinda bummed by the rush to judgement against the Patriots. I can see any number of problems with the way the league investigated this complaint, and I think it is unconscionable that the league has released some preliminary results of their investigation without having reached any final conclusions. It creates a huge distraction for the Pats heading into the big game, which really isn't fair even if they are found to be guilty of deflating balls.

The Pats have earned a bad reputation and they are easy to hate, but they're still going to win.

It created a great deal of free advertising for the game, though.

Have you forgotten the (S)Aints scandal a couple of years ago? The "investigation" allegedly was about keeping the players safe. Yet NO other teams were investigated for a practice that has been around longer than my old butt. Better yet, they never bothered to review game footage of injuries to draw a correlation between bounties and injuries.doh

I would not be the least bit surprised if Brady had the ball boy deflate the balls.

I also am not naive enough to believe that the Colts did not take steps to gain their own advantages.

That said, cheating is wrong, ok?
Because I said so. 
The Patriots let the air out of the Seahawks, that's for sure.
[Image: CEXCJzCUUAANXhv.jpg:large]
Why couldn't the Seahawks just run the damn ball!

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Meh, roses are red, the sky is blue... what else is new?
Sounds like a definite suspension. I'm guessing a full season, appealed down to 8 games.
That'll teach him to snub the POTUS!

Because I said so. 

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