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Spring maintenance time
So my guitars weathered this brutal winter and for the most part they're all okay. no warping or weirdness.

But a couple of my fretboards did dry out a bit and have left fret ends protruding enough that I need to file them down and dress the ends. Not a problem. The weird thing is that this only happened on 2 of my 4 guitars - the Polaris (raw pau ferro board. expected because i didn't play it all that much this winter and it didn't get many string changes at all, so not many fretboard oilings either), and the jolly roger, which has a maple board, and which shows more fret-end protrusion than the pau ferro board.

I know you're not supposed to oil maple fretboards, but how does one prevent it drying out and shrinking?

Also during this maintenance time I'm converting the jolly roger to SSS configuration seeing as I made my '62RI strat HH and had an SSS pickguard lying around waiting for the chance to be used again. The old HS Jolly Roger black pearl pickguard is gonna take some time off.
Most maple fingerboards are finished with a clear so oiling them would be pointless.
yeah I knew that.

I'm asking if there exists a way to prevent maple boards from drying out.
(03-06-2015, 11:55 PM)CTN Wrote: yeah I knew that.

I'm asking if there exists a way to prevent maple boards from drying out.

Well i guess you cant add anything so the only other option is to keep them in a good place away from weather. I.e the case. :toast:

Fret ends pop out on everything in the right climate. Wood moves its pretty much impossible to stop.
Had some issues this winter too , fret ends and necks moving. Pretty weird seeing as how they are in a temp controlled environment and I have a humidifier attached to my furnace. Wood moves that is a fact.
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