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Any suggestions?
I need a bit of help here. I'm acquiring pedals for a new board using my old nano. It will look something like this:

[Image: download_zpsz3iqktus.png]

but with that Antichthon I've got coming instead of the Manx. But that's beside the point.

Anyway, I want to be able to use the first three pedals in front of the amp and the delay in the loop. Problem is, there's no room to plug in and unplug from the Fet Driver all the time. I realize I could turn the middle pedals sideways, but I did that the last time I used my Nano and I really didn't like it. I also realize that there are junction boxes that could do what I'm looking for, but it just doesn't seem to me like even one the size of an EP booster would fit once I take into account the cables that would go on the side closest to the pedals.

So it seems like the only option here would be to drill a hole and put in a jack so I can plug the front of my amp directly into the board. But is there room on the Nano to do this? Has anyone attempted such a project before with successful results?
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